Increase Your Instagram Followers for Free By Using These Techniques

Whether you want to increase awareness of your product or brand, or you just want people to get to know you and what you do, the Instagram is a great platform.

But getting enough followers to be relevant can be frustrating. Follow these tips and you’ll be growing your followers in no time, for free.

Define the Target Audience

Knowing your target audience helps you tune your posts and images so that they reach a particular group of people.

Ask yourself these questions

  • How old is your audience?
  • Where are they located?
  • What industry do they work in?
  • When does your audience usually use Instagram and how?

Plan Your Instagram Strategy

Failing to plan is planning to fail, and this applies to getting more Instagram followers who waste resources and time.

Why do you want more Instagram followers?

  • To increase awareness on your product or brand?
  • Boost sales?
  • Get more website visitors?

Knowing your goals make your Instagram account more consistent and invite more followers.

Create a Complete and Interesting Profile

Your profile is your Instagram presence’s backbone. Craft a good one and you grow your audience.

Around 66% of visitors to your Instagram business profile are non-followers. Get them to know you more through your profile so they will be more enticed to follow you.

Include the following in your bio:

  • Name
  • Username
  • Website
  • Additional brand or personal info

Have a Consistent Brand Aesthetic and Story

Show them how the product is made to satisfy their curiosity. Share the perspective of an employee regarding your brand to make it more human. Showcase the achievements and lifestyles of your customers to inspire would be followers.

Do this with a consistent visual look, brand personality, and story. Visitors should easily relate to your posts.

Use Other Social Networks to Promote Instagram Presence

Make it easier for people to find you if you want more Instagram followers. Ensure that your Instagram profile can be easily discovered.

If you already have followers in one of your social network accounts, tell your fans about your Instagram account. Share your Instagram profile and give a sneak preview of what to expect if they follow you.

Post Engaging Content

Great content attracts likes, comments, and shares which increase your account’s visibility. This boosts your Instagram algorithm helping you reach new followers.

Your posts should interest your target audience. The goal is to entertain, engage, and inform them through your content.

Your visuals should compel and your captions should engage.

Use Your Instagram Nametag

The Instagram nametag allows users to follow your account instantly by scanning it. It’s an effective and easy way to promote via offline materials such as product packaging, signage, and packing slips.

It’s also a good way to attract new followers during conferences and network events. People don’t have to remember your Instagram account. They just scan your tag and follow you.

User Other Communication Modes to Promote Your Instagram Account

Both offline and online communication tools can be used to point people to your account.

Post your Instagram account to your website, email signature, and online newsletter. A quick email blast including great images is a good way to get free followers if you’re promoting your account.

Get Featured

Having an account that has a huge following featuring your own Instagram account is a surefire way to beef up your follower count. If you know an influential Instagrammer who’s willing to tag your account, ask him or her to share your post.

Instagram features accounts covering every interest and niche available and some are very specific. Get featured and watch the numbers reach for the roof.

Use Appropriate Hashtags

Hashtags are your friends. They make stories and posts discoverable when people search for content that is related to your product, industry, or brand.

Follow these tips in using and creating hashtags

  • Find what’s popular and use it
  • Create an original hashtag
  • Don’t overuse them
  • Avoid hashtag gimmicks
  • Include hashtags in stories

Target the Explore Tab

See that magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the app? Click that and you launch the Explore Tab. It contains videos and photos you might be interested in but don’t yet follow.

The Explore Tab is visited by more than 200 million people every single day. If your account or niche gets featured in it, there’s a very high chance of getting more followers.

Tag Your Whereabouts

Add a location tag every time you have a story or post with a clear location element. People in the same area or who have visited it will be able to discover your account.

Tagging your business’ physical location encourages customers to tag it too when they’re within the vicinity. Users clicking that location will see all stories and photos from your office, restaurant, or store. This gives your brand more exposure.

Engage With CommunitiesInstagram, like other social media networks, is all about communities. Engaging with those communities should be one of your goals.

Instagram, like other social media networks, is all about communities. Engaging with those communities should be one of your goals.

Get involved by sharing, commenting, and liking posts from credible users in the community. Avoid generic posts. Make them more meaningful and personal.

Doing this draws attention and potential followers, and you don’t need to spend a dime.

Follow Other Users

But not just any user. Make sure that you have the same niche or interest. Doing so makes the other person want to check your feed and maybe even follow it as a form of returning the favor.

Social listening helps you find relevant posts and conversations from influential users whom you can follow.

Ask Followers to Tag Others

Encourage followers to tag their friends in your posts. This helps your account reach a larger audience.

But don’t overdo it. Save it for the more compelling content. Tagged people should feel that they’re being given a favor by looking at your post.

Post Content Consistently

Followers expect content from you that is why they follow you. When they engage with you, that activity is also visible to their own followers. So post a compelling content to get more interaction.

How often? Daily posts get more followers than weekly ones.

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