It is not surprising that a great number of businesses, from small family-run ones to large global brands, are trying to grow their Instagram accounts. A popular Instagram account enables you to become highly visible in the virtual world. It could potentially bring in massive amounts of sales.

How do you grow your Instagram account? What steps can you take to increase your followers?

The following tips should get you started:

1. Make the effort to react to other people’s photos.

This technique helps you get noticed by other users, particularly if you also make the effort to leave well-thought out authentic comments and give the users a follow.

Try to get the attention of users in your particular niche. To find out who these users are, go to the Instagram accounts that you follow and find out who else follows them. Checking hashtags will also let you find the other accounts in your niche.

2. Post creative and engaging photos.

When people take note of your username and look into your account, you want them to find your account unique and appealing. One way to do this is to have a strong theme that other users will associate with you. If you want people to view your account as bright, creative, and artistic, post content that reflects this theme.

You can’t go wrong with having interesting and creative photos. Make the effort to have great visuals in vivid and exciting colors. If you always have amazing photos, people are going to like your posts and leave comments.

3. Post engaging stories.

Users love watching great stories. When you post absorbing stories, you take other people behind the scenes and give them a glimpse of the interesting things that are happening to you. Use Boomerangs, quirky GIFs, filters, music, and polls to connect with your followers.

Don’t just post pictures to promote a product. Weave stories around it. Stories make your product more appealing; they stir up curiosity and interest. They help you connect with other people.

Users are likely to appreciate your efforts to give them more than just superficial promotional content. They are more likely to take notice and remember your product – and want to find out more about it.

4. Create unique hashtags.

Using the right hashtags allows you to reach people who don’t follow you. It gets the right people to notice you.

You can also use hashtags to build community. Come up with a unique hashtag. Ask your followers to use this same hashtag on their photos. Repost their photos with the proper credit. This process gives you new content for your Instagram account. It also reflects how much you appreciate your followers’ photos. It makes them feel good. It builds community.

5. Post regularly.

Research shows that posting regularly helps to grow your Instagram account. It increases engagement rate. It also increases growth rate.

Post on your Instagram account every day if you can. You may not see immediate results. However, in time you are likely to notice a bigger following.

6. Use user-generated content.

You may run out of content ideas if you post every day. One way to get around this situation is to involve other users in creating content for your account.

Encourage your followers to use GIFs, photos, and videos with your products. Come up with a strong branded hashtag that they can use in their posts.

This technique swings the focus from your product and on to your followers. The shift essentially makes users want to increase the number of their posts for your brand.

Using this technique gives you definite advantages. You get more content. You get your followers to advertize your product. You increase brand awareness. You grow your Instagram account.

7. Organize a contest.

If you have freebies to give away, organize a contest. Most people like getting free stuff. Many users are likely to join your contest for the chance to get freebies.

You can be as creative as you want about what you want the users to do. Get them to repost an image with a caption that tags you. Ask them to become your followers. Get them to post their own images using your hashtag. Get them to comment on your post. Get them to like your content. Get them to share your content.

Running a contest gets users to engage more with you. It also increases your visibility.

8. Geo-tag your photos.

Don’t simply post a photo of a city or restaurant you’ve been to; geo-tag it. By tagging the photo with a location, you become accessible to the people who are trying to get more information about this particular location. You also increase the chance of having people follow you when they find out that you share their interests.

If you have a restaurant or brick-and-mortar business, get your customers to post videos or pictures from your restaurant or store and geo-tag the photos. This strategy is particularly useful when you want to generate a buzz around a store opening, an upcoming promo, or a product launch.

9. Collaborate with popular users.

Ask if you can be a guest contributor in a popular Instagram account that you follow. Ask if you can post your story in his account. A temporary “takeover” in a popular Instagram account will cause your own account to grow dramatically.

Influencers have a huge fan following. Get in touch with influencers in your particular niche. Get them to try your products. Establish your credibility. Give them discount coupons or promo codes that they can include on their page. If they endorse you or feature you on their page, you can expect their fans to sit up and take notice of you.

10. Use your other social media platforms to get people to follow you on Instagram.

Don’t assume that the people who follow your blog or your accounts on Facebook or Twitter also follow you on Instagram. They probably don’t. You can reel in followers simply by sharing a Facebook post or a quick tweet directing people to your Instagram account. As these people already follow you in your other accounts, they are likely to do so on Instagram too.

11. Socialize.

Use your photos to attract people. Use your captions and stories to connect with your followers.

You encourage engagement when you use open-ended questions. Asking people how their day went or what their week-end plans are makes users feel that you are interested in them. It persuades them to share their experiences and engage with you.

Make it a point to respond to personal messages and comments. Appreciate the effort that went into the action. It is the polite thing to do. It also helps boost your brand image.

By being constantly courteous and friendly, you make people see you as approachable. You encourage loyalty. You attract more followers.


It is not enough to set up a business account and post content on Instagram. You have to get more followers and grow your account.

Follow the strategies outlined above. They give you a great chance of acquiring a big and loyal following.

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